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Dental Crowns: What Are These For?

28 March 2012

Have you heard of dental crowns? Your dentist might have mentioned this already. People that you know may have dental crowns well fabricated for them by their dentist. Dental crowns are usually made for teeth that are severely decayed and normal fillings can’t just suffice. Also, if a tooth is root canal treated, a dental [...]

Cosmetic Dentistry

Is Dentistry a Luxury?

25 March 2012

Some people do avoid going to dental clinics due to their own reasons. Some may be too afraid to see a dentist. Others may think that it is not as important as their daily life routines and are just too busy. Or there may be whereabouts like “I don’t have enough money for dental expenses.” [...]

Dental Costs

Dental Sealants: The Barrier Against Tooth Decay

21 March 2012

It is much better to manage dental conditions even before they happen irreversibly. This proves true on the baby teeth of children and permanent teeth of adults. As it may have occurred to you, the dental professionals have long been battling dental caries as it is widely prevalent not only in the United States but [...]

Cosmetic Dentistry

Should I Keep or Lose My Wisdom Tooth?

12 March 2012

We are all cautious of maintaining and keeping our teeth. That even includes our back teeth like our wisdom teeth. We would like to have our teeth neat and clean to withstand possible infections to terminate any tooth loss and extraction in the future. But what if your dentist says that you have to submit [...]

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Wisdom Teeth: What You Need to Know

11 March 2012

You might have heard of wisdom teeth that have vented on the jaw of your friends and family members (basically most that you know). Some may experience pain or inflammation on the area where the wisdom tooth is rising from. Others feel nothing at all and enjoy doing their normal chores while these wisdom teeth [...]

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Sedation Dentistry: Is This For You?

28 February 2012

It is quite normal that some people feel uncomfortable when dental treatments and dental pains are being discussed. No one can blame them especially if they had experienced visiting a dentist while they are in an excruciating tooth ache and no local anesthesia takes influence on them. Luckily, that scenery has been being removed from [...]

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What are the Parts of your Tooth?

27 February 2012

Have you ever wondered if your tooth has layers or parts? For sure you have watched in some toothpaste or toothbrush commercial in the television the different parts of the tooth. Parts of the tooth are far more than the simple tooth crown and tooth root. To refresh you, here it goes. First off, the [...]

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Root Canal Treatment: an Alternative to Tooth Extraction

24 February 2012

Not so long ago, if a person has a tooth that is unmanageable by fillings, he would most likely undergo tooth removal or tooth extraction. Many patients would prefer too to have a painfully offending tooth be pulled out from his mouth instead of doing fillings and possibly wait for the same painful experience to [...]

Dental - General

I am Afraid of a Dentist

23 February 2012

Many patients have been weary of their dentist specially when their appointment is near to come. Some patients can’t even sleep or eat well at night knowing that the next day might be on account of their painful days. Others actually cancel off their scheduled meeting with their dentist just to delay their fear. There [...]

Dental - General

What Services can I Get from my Dentist?

21 February 2012

All dentists know the basics of dentistry. Of course, they all are knowledgeable in the different accepted fields of dentistry and they all aim to help their patient revert and maintain healthy teeth and gums. With such goal, dentists offer varying dental procedures to involve such health in every patient. There are usual dental processes [...]

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