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Senior Dental Plans

Regardless of age, everybody would like to save on expensive dental care. Seniors, individuals and families alike can all benefit from affordable dental care. Our goal is to save you money on dental treatment by giving you the freedom to choose from an impressive selection of leading dental plans for seniors.

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Seniors Dental Plans

Why Join a Seniors Dental Plan?

  • Start saving 10% to 60% on most dental services
  • Family discount dental plans from only $129.95 Per Year
  • Individual discount dental plans from only $79.95 Per Year
  • 30+ plans from leaders like Signature, Aetna, & UNI-CARE
  • No need to wait for major dental work
  • No paperwork, no annual limits, & no health restrictions
  • Everyone is accepted!

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Everyone is accepted to our seniors dental plans without any paperwork or health restrictions. Plus, discount dental plans do not have any annual limits, so they are often used as an alternative or supplement to dental insurance plans.

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