Cigna Dental Plan: A Review

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With so many options available in the market right now, selecting the right dental plan company can be a tough decision.

Many companies offer a range of dental plans. These also include health and dental insurance providers. Cigna is one of the most reliable coverage plans for dental care.

About Cigna

Cigna is a life and health insurance company that operates globally. It offers global coverage for health, life, dental, and disability insurance products. Moreover, the company has also launched its dental saving plans for those in need of dental care coverage, but don’t want to opt for an insurance plan.

There are different dental plans provided by Cigna, which includes varying dental services and procedures. The cost of the dental coverage is different, depending on the plan you select.

Cigna Plus Savings Program

CignaPlus savings is an affordable alternative to the typical dental insurance. You can avail about 31% average discounts for quality dental care. The company has around 92,000 dental specialists and dentists in its nationwide network that you can choose from, depending on your needs and preferences.

Cigna Plus dental plans are not traditional insurance; instead it is a straightforward means of accessing discounts on dental procedures.

The Dental Plans

There are three different dental plans offered in Cigna Plus savings program, which are as follows:

  • Cigna Dental Savings – this plan offers the lowers yearly cost on dental services. For this plan, individuals annually pay around $96, whereas the annual cost for families is $132.
  • Cigna Dental Savings for Families – this plan offers discounted dental services in which the individuals have to pay $144 annually, while families have to pay $204. It also offers added benefits for families.
  • Cigna Dental Savings for Seniors – this plan provides senior citizens with added benefits. The annual cost of this plan for individuals is $156, while for families it is $216.

The members of these saving plans can receive immediate dental services by visiting any of the participating dental specialists or dentists. The savings plan also offer a range of wellness services from acupuncture to yoga discounts to further enhance the overall health of its members.

Customer Service

Cigna has more than 86 million clients around the world, and they provide 24/7 customers service. You can contact a representative through their live customer service any time of the day. Moreover, they can be contact through phone, email, and even snail mail as well.

This company also has mobile apps, which makes it easier for customers to attain relevant information and communicate with representatives more conveniently.

However, it takes a while to locate the live chat option on their website. If you opt to call them, there is a list of phone numbers on their website, but there are specific business hours that you can contact them.

Added Benefits with Cigna

Following are some benefits that you can avail with Cigna dental saving plan:

  • The mobile app, called myCigna, makes it easy for you to locate the nearby in-network dentist. The coverage can be checked through this app as well by displaying your card.
  • Payments can be made online through myCigna app.
  • There is a large network of dentists, which means you can easily find a reputable dentist near your location.
  • It offers you the choice of choosing from both out-of-network and in-network provider, but the savings are greater with in-network dentists.
  • The dental plans have no annual limits, which enhances the overall annual savings.
  • There isn’t any waiting period, which is typically the case with insurance plans. This means you can get the dental care when and as needed.
  • There is no need for pre-authorizations before you get the dental treatments.
    There are no pre-existing limitations, all of the patients are accepted.
  • With the Cigna dental saving plan, you don’t have to worry about filling out unnecessary claim forms and paperwork.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a financially stable and internationally-recognized dental coverage, then the Cigna Plus savings program is an ideal option for you and your family. Their website is loaded with information and resources to assist you in staying updated and informed.

The dentist network of Cigna is not very extensive for a company this large, but there are still highly experienced dentists in their network spread nationwide. This indicates that the chances are high for you to find your preferred dentist in their network.

Overall, if you want to have access to experienced dental specialists and dentists, get affordable premiums, and good discounts, then the dental saving plans by Cigna can work for you. The dentist network spans throughout the country.

This plan isn’t for you if you live in Wyoming, Washington, Vermont, Utah, South Dakota, Rhode Island, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Montana, Iowa, Indiana, California, or Alaska because you won’t be able to access this plan.

Dental plans are essential to stay updated on your dental health and prevent potential issues. If you want to get the best dental coverage, compare best dental plans, and look for more dental plan companies then head over to our Dental Plans section.

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