UNI-CARE 200 Discount Dental Plan :)

The UNI-CARE 200 Discount Dental Plan is a top-quality national discount dental plan available at thousands of participating dentists and dental care specialists.

UNI-CARE 200 members receive savings of 10% to 50% on most dental care services in addition to discounts on prescriptions, chiropractic services, hearing care, and vision care. Plus, the plan is easy to use – simply present your card at the time of service for your discount!

​This plan has been great! We have saved so much money on dental care we wouldn't of been able to afford otherwise.

The UNI-CARE 200 plan is not dental insurance; it is a discount dental plan instead. There are no health restrictions, no paperwork hassles, and no annual limits.

Plus, the UNI-CARE 200 discount dental plan even offers its members additional discounts on vision care, hearing care, chiropractic services and prescriptions!

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