Solstice Plus Plan One :)

The Solstice Plus Plan One is our featured regional discount dental plan in the state of Florida.

Solstice is a viable dental insurance alternative that is simple to use, and is proven to provide members with overall lower out-of-pocket costs on dental care.

Click here to learn more about Solstice Plus Plan One. Discover what Solstice Plus Plan One members are saying about their plan:

‚ÄčI saved over $400 by using Solstice Plus Plan One. It was fast, easy and I saved about four times the price of the plan in my first visit.

Sign up for Solstice Plus Plan One and save with discounts from participating dental care specialists:

Solstice Plus Plan One is a money-saving discount dental plan that many people use as a supplement or alternative to dental insurance.

This discount dental plan for Florida residents has no paperwork, no annual limits, and no health restrictions.

Plus, you can enjoy discounts on braces and cosmetic dentistry in Florida as well.

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