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The discount dental plans we feature on Dental Plan Provider have helped thousands of plan members save money on their dental care needs. But don’t take our word for it! Below are discount dental plan reviews and testimonials from some of our satisfied plan members.

​Testimonials from Dental Plans Members

I purchased the Aetna Dental Access Plan in December. It has been the best purchase I have ever made. My dentist took the discount plan which was great because we didn't have to switch. My daughter had to get braces in January. The plan saved my $1200. My thanks!

My family is very happy with the Signature Wellness Plan. I had the Family plan and it helped me big time especially with dental and eye glasses. My dental work covered everything from cleaning to tooth removal. In regards to the savings, I saved around $400 approximately, which I think is a good amount to be saved on an annual basis. The dentist I go to has been really good so far. I am very happy that I came across the Signature Wellness Plan.

I'm retired, had no dental insurance and was paying full rates for dental services! I ran into your dental plan website, I took a good look at it and decided to give it a chance. I got my plan and the first thing I noticed was that my own dentist was on this plan. I went there for a lost filling, got full-mouth x-rays, a complete cleaning and the new filling! I saved over $100.00 on a similar service. Simply, this is a very good plan with good savings we can use. Recommended!

We have saved over $2000 in the first 5 months since we purchased the Aetna Dental Access Plan. My wife needed 2 fillings, 1 root canal and 3 crowns. Total cost at a dentist not accepting the plan would have been well over $4000. I'm going in May and I know I need at least 2 crowns. We are retired and have no dental insurance. This plan has been a life saver for us.

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