Discounted Dental Care is Possible

Today, as employers search for ways to save money they may well cut down on employee health benefits. One of the first benefits to disappear is likely to be dental insurance.

It is no secret that dental care can be a high cost item. However, in cities where a School of Dentistry is located, discounted dental care is readily available for those patients needing help with their dental care bills. People needing urgent treatment often have no insurance, but they can receive excellent dental care while saving up to 40 – 50% on some services. There are dental insurance alternatives but this article explores other dental care options.

Schools of dentistry invite uninsured patients to help future dentists develop good skills while performing discounted dental services.

image of tooth holding money

All care performed by dental students is carefully evaluated by professors of dentistry, which is why clients will find their appointments take somewhat longer than usual. This really does seem to the only downside the scheme. Dental patients in need of care for their mouth, teeth and gums need to allow extra time for dental visits.

Anyone lacking dental care insurance can seek a dental assessment at a school of dentistry. While not everyone who applies is accepted, it really is worth calling your local school to see what is available.

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