Family Dental Coverage in the US

In meeting the dental health care needs of your family, dental coverage through an insurance plan remains the most powerful and practical method of coping with cost and necessity. Where costs of medical insurance have sky rocketed beyond the reach of many Americans, dental health insurance remains a surprisingly good value.

Some families in America are lucky enough to receive dental coverage through their employer, along with other forms of medical insurance. For these families the best possible plan is to retain the coverage they have, and, if they foresee exceptional needs above and beyond those provided for in their package, to pick up a small amount of additional insurance through a private dental health care plan.

Provides maximum flexibility with minimal private expense, and allows room for purely cosmetic treatments that might not be covered by standard dental care plans.

For those not covered by employer provided dental plans the situation is more challenging. For some the best answer is to reject insurance plans altogether in favor of a dental savings plan through a private bank account or developed in partnership with a particular dental health care provider. These plans are very simple and straightforward and offer both the patient and the dentist the security of a system based on real monies. However for a family a dental savings plan may not be the most practical choice.

Single individuals are in a good position to determine their current needs and their likely future needs, and save appropriately for the future. It is much harder for a family, with diverse members at multiple stages in life, to decide what may or may not be needed, when, and how much it will likely cost.

There are two different forms of dental plans available to families: PPO and Indemnity plans.

Preferred Provider Organization

Indemnity plans

The costs in either case are likely to run well below the costs of standard medical care, being closer to a few hundred dollars a year as opposed to thousands. A PPO plan with a cost roughly equal to that of a cable subscription is a superb investment in the long term health and well-being of your family.

Dental coverage is not just a luxury. Taking care of your family has to begin at the foundation, and in health the ability to care for basic physical systems is about as foundational as it gets. Your mouth and teeth are the primary route for all nutrition, and have an effect on every other aspect of your life.

Don’t neglect your family’s basic health issues. Examine the options open to you, and get some form of dental health coverage for you and for your spouse and children.
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