Reasons why Dental Plans are better than Dental Insurance

More Cost Effective

Unless provided by your company for free or as a group employee benefit, dental insurance can be much too expensive and unfeasible for some. There are annual deductibles and spending limits to contend with and an annual or monthly premium can range from twenty-five dollars up to one hundred dollars. At this high cost, it is unsurprising that so many people cannot afford cover. This is why a dental plan can be of so much benefit, providing dental care at a much more affordable rate. Joining the plan is relatively inexpensive and you will pay a very reduced rate for the services provided within the plan.

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Offers More Freedom

In most cases, acquiring dental insurance requires that you jump through a few hoops and is generally only offered through companies or organizations, rather than providing for individuals or families.

Before the insurance company considers covering you, you must meet a certain level of requirements or prepare to pay extra. With a dental plan however, your coverage begins instantly, covers pre-existing conditions and even cosmetic dentistry. There are no requirements or exclusions- anyone may join the plan. Most insurers also place limits on the amount of treatment you can receive annually and detail which treatments are covered. These are not issues with a dental plan.

Choose your dentist according to preference

Once you join a dental plan, you are able to visit any dentist specified by the plan at a reduced rate. You may visit any dentist within the plan’s network and receive this reduced rate from them.

The dentists agree to these terms on the condition that the work you have done is paid for at the time of your visit. A huge benefit of this is that you can choose your dentist from visit to visit. If you are not fully satisfied with the first dentist you try, find a different one. Better yet, shop around until you find the perfect one for you.

Less paperwork, Less confusion

Generally, with dental insurance, you have to wait one to three months to reap the full benefits. Dentists are required to deal with insurance payments and, with all the paper work, it can take up to ninety days for them to receive payment. Unfortunately dental care is usually needed at inopportune moments and time is of the essence. Most dental plan applications can be processed within forty eight hours and are effective immediately. That’s why many people prefer dental plans to dental insurance.

You don’t have to wait to be reimbursed

With a dental insurance package, you may have to pay your dentist out of your own pocket and then claim back from the insurance company. You may have to hold on their phone lines for hours trying to reclaim the money and have to justify your dental expenditure to a phone operator. With a dental plan, you receive your discount immediately and pay accordingly. It’s simple, and anyone can use it.

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