Choosing Dental Plans That Are Right For You

Dental plans! You may already have realized that you need a dental plan to help control the costs of dental work. Now the problem is deciding which one! Do you know how to choose the right plan for you and your family?

The place to start is with a small amount of homework. Before you ask your dentist for advice, before you start picking this or that program, take the time to learn what sorts of dental plans are open to you. Giving yourself a simple overview that provides the context you need for further learning.

Most dental plans fall into one of two categories: the DHMO (a managed care program) and PPO (preferred provider organizations). The two are both considered forms of managed health care insurance, but they operate using slightly different management methods.


  • Focusses on technique allowed
  • Choose your own provider


  • Focusses on the provider
  • Access a wide range of treatments

Another route to consider is a payment plan through your own dentist. Many dentists, tired of trying to deal with the delays, limits, and red tape of insurance plans, are offering their own payment plans which allow you to purchase services using incremental payment strategies.

Some even allow you to put money in over time, so that there will be money there when you need it. Be sure to ask your dentist what forms of plans he offers, and get any instructional material he has available so that you can compare his plan with other options open to you.

Good dental care is a vital part of your health care routine. How you pay for that care will involve you in a broad array of choices.

dental care for family

Top Tips

  • Take your time
  • Learn the material
  • Compare the choices
Provide yourself and your family with a plan that allows the best care and the best cost management possible.
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