10 Best Dental Plan Companies to Consider For Your Family

Dental plans are a cost-effective way to offer your family the best oral care without damaging your savings. Typically, dental plans get confused with dental insurance, but they are actually completely different and more beneficial!

The right dental plan for you and your family depends on your needs and requirements, including the amount of dental work that your family needs in a specific year and how much you can afford to pay out of pocket. Dental plan companies offer different dental plans with varying benefits and payment options.

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Here are the 10 best dental plan companies that you can consider for your family, depending on the benefits and features you find most effective:


Humana is one of the top dental coverage providers that offer dental saving plans to those who prefer dental plans over insurance. The dental saving plan offered by this company includes both family and individual plans. The family plan costs around $179.95 annually.

This company has a network of more than 160,000 dentists and provides you with benefits, including no waiting period, twice-yearly cleanings free of charge, and increasing annual coverage.


Aetna is another company offering a wide range of dental coverage for both individuals and families. Their Vital Dental Savings Plus Rx is an ideal dental plan that can provide you and your family with dental coverage throughout the year.

The company has more than 131,000 dentists in their network. The family dental plan costs around $199.95 annually. You can also get an average of 15% to 50% discount on dental procedures.


Cigna is another one of the leading dental coverage providers offering affordable care for both individuals and families. They offer no co-pays and deductibles for preventive care, including x-rays, checkups, and cleanings.

Cigna plus savings offer a family plan for $199.95 annually. They have more than 110,000 dentists in their networks, which means you can easily find one near your area.

Liberty Dental Program of America

This dental program was established by dental health care experts who aimed to provide affordable dental care for families. The main goal of this program is to reduce the rising cost of oral care, which is forcing many not to get the right dental care. They have around 3,900 dentists in their network and their family plan costs around $159.95 annually.

Alliance Health Card Savings Card

This is another effective health care option for families and individuals looking for reduced health care costs while also receiving quality care. They have a network of 93,000 dentists offering high quality dental care at affordable rates. Their family plan costs around $199.95 annually, and the company also offers other saving plans that you should look into.

Affordable Family Health Services

This company provides discounted dental plans for individuals and families who can avail the services from experienced and qualified dentists. You can save around 20% to 60% on many of their dental services, including veneers, braces, crowns, root canals, and cleanings.

Additional discounts are also offered that can help you save up to 75% on chiropractic, vision, and pharmacy listings. They have 54,000 dentists in their network, and their family dental plan costs around $189.95 annually.


This company offers a 100 Discount Dental Plan, which has a family plan that costs $129.95 annually. This dental plan covers preventative and diagnostic dental procedures. You can avail an average of 30% savings for these procedures and 15% savings for specialty work. Their network includes 33,000 dentists.

Delta Dental

Delta dental patient direct is a great dental plan that you can consider for your family. They have around 14,000 dentists in their network. The cost of their family plan is around $189.95 annually. They have a wide network of dentists and you can use their online portal to find the nearest one in your area.


The discount dental plan offered by DenteMax has the second largest network of participating dentists and specialists – around 61,000. The family plan will cost you $179.95 annually.

American Dental Plan

Lastly, the American Dental Plan offers an outstanding network of dentists in Arizona. This plan promotes regular dental care by encouraging early detection and prevention through routine maintenance. The company’s family plan costs around $169.95 annually.

Healthcare costs are rising every year, which makes it harder for people to provide proper health care to their families. However, regular health care is integral to ensure your family stays healthy. Therefore, opting for a dental plan is an ideal option to ensure you and your family gets the best oral care.


Dental plans are essential to prevent potential issues and keep your teeth and gums healthy. If you want to get the best dental coverage, here at Dental Plan Provider we offer a range of the best dental plans that you can check.

We also offer an additional 10% off when you join online. We can help you keep your oral health in check without breaking your bank.

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